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Sherco have always put considerable importance on the SSDT and to show their commitment to this event they have just announced details of a special Scottish Six Days model to commemorate the Centenary of this famous event.

The SSDT Sherco Replica has a very limited production of 100 bikes and will be available in both 250 and 290 models. Over the years all the top personnel have ridden the Scottish including the boss himself Marc Teissier, top Sherco tuner Josep Paxau, Export Manager Andreu Codina and Production Manager Jordi Alonso. The knowledge and feedback Sherco have gained from competing in this event has given them an insight into producing a bike with some special parts to benefit the rider. These include an extended rear mudguard with a number board, protection to the cylinder and other necessary areas that are prone to damage and many other modifications to benefit the rider during the trial. The bike will also feature Marzocchi 40mm front forks. The main attraction though must be the special tartan graphics with a black and gold SSDT Centenary Badge on the tank.


Sherco have had great success in the SSDT, winning the event for the first time in their debut year with Graham Jarvis in 1999. Since that time they have won the event no less than six times in twelve attempts with Jarvis, Sam Connor and Juan Pons, who won the event as the Best First Timer!

This is a very special year for the Scottish Six Days Trial and Sherco wanted to celebrate the occasion in a unique way. With regard to back up this will be 100% as usual, with the full factory truck, two factory mechanics and catering for all riders after each day's action. Malcolm and Killer will also be on hand throughout the week to make sure all the riders finish the week, whilst having a great time in the process!!

The Sherco ST2011 SSDT Replica will be available by the end of the month and we will be bringing you more details and the price just as soon as they are available.

To gain the MRS support as a Sherco rider at the 2011 SSDT please contact us via our website

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition
250cc RRP £4600.00 inc vat                290cc RRP £4700.00 inc vat

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition.full bike.

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition.Airbox

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition. footpeg and frame

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition.rad

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition. rear mudguard

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition. swingarm

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition. rear wheel

Sherco 2011 SSDT Limited Edition. front half


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